Coffee 2u & Eco Coffee are proud to announce that we have started supplying Eco For Life water bottleThis is the story of Europe’s only 100% plant based water bottle.

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The story began at the Aleenta Resort & Spa in South East Asia

It was on a short stay at the resort that one of the founders of Eco For Life was offered water in a what they quickly realised was a remarkable plastic free bottle. It wasn’t just the design of the bottle that struck them. They discovered something far more important: it was made 100% from plants!

Digging deeper, they learned that the plant based bottle was created from an organic substance called PLA, a compound that is derived from sugar-based crops.

On discovering this we brought the technology back and have started the chemical & toxin free biodegradable bottle revolution. Why drink from bottles that have their roots back to artificial materials, when you can drink from a plastic free bottle that has its roots back to plants (excuse the pun).

We hope like us; you have decided to take a step in the right direction with our environmentally friendly & toxin free PLA bottle.

What is Eco for Life?


As we know oil is a finite resource and is running out, PET bottles which are made from oil are now seen as not only bad for the environment, but also our well being. The complete alternative is Eco For Life, the bottles made completely from plants, yes that’s right plants; a completely sustainable resource.

We have created Europe’s only 100% plant based bottle from a substance known as PLA (Polylactic acid) a substance derived from sugar starch, commonly found in sugar based crops, we currently use corn.

There are huge benefits associated to our eco friendly plastic free plant based bottle:

As crops grow they consume harmful greenhouse gases such as CO2

Only 0.04% of the annual global crop is used to produce PLA, this means there is little to no impact on world food pricing and as demand grows we still won’t put a significant strain on the sustainability of crops unlike some other methods of producing plastic alternatives that could have disastrous effects on our ecological systems.

All “Eco For Life” bottles are certified GM free.

The Eco for Life plastic free bottles can be composted into a product that can be used as a valuable soil supplement, the bottles undergo a two-step degradation process. First, the moisture and heat in the compost pile attacks the polymer chains and splits them apart, creating smaller polymers and finally lactic acid, a fully sustainable source. They can also be sent to Waste for Energy sites where they produce a high temperature and burn without releasing pollutant or can be returned back to a polymer.


Plant a tree for only


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The Eco Coffee Journey

Waste Coffee Grounds into landfill is a catalyst for producing methane which is 20 times more damaging to the environment than CO2.
By tackling the waste the industry creates at its destination, we are helping deliver a cleaner tomorrow.
Eco roasting technology is paving the way forward to creating a cleaner and more sustainable coffee future for us all.
See below for the full, closed loop Eco Coffee journey.
Alternatively, if we aren't able to collect grounds from you then click here to find out more of what you can do with your used Eco Coffee grounds.
Stage 1
We deliver an order of Eco Coffee to a customer
Stage 2
The customer expertly brews a wonderful cup of Eco Coffee
Stage 3
The customer stores the used Eco Coffee grounds in a special repurposed tub/bin
Stage 4
We collect the used grounds (at the same time as delivering the next batch of Eco Coffee to minimise trips) and return the used coffee grounds to our roastery to be dried
Stage 5
The dried coffee grounds get pressed in to a biofuel then that biofuel is used to fuel the innovative eco roaster to roast the next batch of Eco Coffee
Stage 6
The freshly roasted beans are then quality checked and packed in recyclable bags ready for delivery.