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Sovereign TroubleShooting Guide


Fault Possible Causes for Fault Solution  

Low temperature 

The machine displays the warning for approximately 1 minute after starup.  The solution will normally put itself right after heating up.  

If the error continues, turn off/on.  

Error: No Water 

The error occurs when then flow meter doesn’t receive enough cycles in a programmed time. Check mains is on. 

Fill water tank 

No Coffee Beans 

If no coffee is detected in the machine this error will come up Load the hopper with coffee 

Check the position on the group outlet shutter 

Waste Bin Full  

Waste bin full Remove tray, clean it and refit it 

Long Distribution 

The distribution of coffee is taking a longer time than usual. Adjust the grinding time to coarser.  

Clean the group showers 

*Check that there is voltage to the output solenoid.  

Resist. Faulty 

The element is broken or disconnected *Check for disconnected wires 

*Replace element 

Temp.Sensor Err.


The probe is broken or disconneted *Check wire connection 

*Check condition of probe *if   scaled up, descale  

*Replace probe if no other option 

Fail.Water Level


Water pressure 

Input solenoid faulty 

Level ball broken or disconnected 

Check mains pressure 

*Check condition of solenoid. *Replace parts 

*Reconnect level ball or replace 

Boiler overfill 

The probe needs cleaning  

Dosage Error 

Doser broken or disconnected *Reconnect doser 

*Replace doser 


The group motor does not work 

The position detector does not work properly 

*Check to see if there is voltage going into motor, check to see if the motor has seized up. Loosen motor or replace. 

*Check that the switch is it the correct position, check to see if it not broken off or jammed. 

*Otherwise replace 

No Waste Bin Bin isn’t in or back in correctly Take out bin and try again 


*Remember to clean daily and these errors will rarely appear.  

* for technical use only 

Table of Contents

Media Packs

Click the links below to download ZIP files

EcoWater™ Media Pack (Coming Soon)

Latest Update - 28/04/23

Inside Eco Coffee


Plant a tree for only


Plant a tree and make your order climate positive

The Eco Coffee Journey

Waste Coffee Grounds into landfill is a catalyst for producing methane which is 20 times more damaging to the environment than CO2.
By tackling the waste the industry creates at its destination, we are helping deliver a cleaner tomorrow.
Eco roasting technology is paving the way forward to creating a cleaner and more sustainable coffee future for us all.
See below for the full, closed loop Eco Coffee journey.
Alternatively, if we aren't able to collect grounds from you then click here to find out more of what you can do with your used Eco Coffee grounds.
Stage 1
We deliver an order of Eco Coffee to a customer
Stage 2
The customer expertly brews a wonderful cup of Eco Coffee
Stage 3
The customer stores the used Eco Coffee grounds in a special repurposed tub/bin
Stage 4
We collect the used grounds (at the same time as delivering the next batch of Eco Coffee to minimise trips) and return the used coffee grounds to our roastery to be dried
Stage 5
The dried coffee grounds get pressed in to a biofuel then that biofuel is used to fuel the innovative eco roaster to roast the next batch of Eco Coffee
Stage 6
The freshly roasted beans are then quality checked and packed in recyclable bags ready for delivery.