Eco Coffee: Corfe Castle Decaffeinated Beans (250g)


Corfe Castle Decaffeinated Blend is a premium decaffeinated espresso blend, which produces a rich, velvety espresso, with plenty of crema and flavour, but without the caffeine.

Decaffeinated Beans

Roast Profile: Medium/Dark

Origins: Honduras/Ethiopia/Brazil//Indonesia

Varietals: 100% Arabica

Process: Swiss Water Decaffeination

To create our Eco Coffee, we collect your spent coffee grounds, dry them, and use them as fuel to roast your next batch of coffee beans.

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Weight1 kg

Plant a tree for only


Plant a tree and make your order climate positive

The Eco Coffee Journey

Waste Coffee Grounds into landfill is a catalyst for producing methane which is 20 times more damaging to the environment than CO2. By tackling the waste the industry creates at its destination, we are helping deliver a cleaner tomorrow. Eco roasting technology is paving the way forward to creating a cleaner and more sustainable coffee future for us all. See below for the full, closed loop Eco Coffee journey.
Stage 1
We deliver an order of Eco Coffee to a customer
Stage 2
The customer expertly brews a wonderful cup of Eco Coffee
Stage 3
The customer stores the used Eco Coffee grounds in a special repurposed tub/bin
Stage 4
We collect the used grounds (at the same time as delivering the next batch of Eco Coffee to minimise trips) and return the used coffee grounds to our roastery to be dried
Stage 5
The dried coffee grounds get pressed in to a biofuel then that biofuel is used to fuel the innovative eco roaster to roast the next batch of Eco Coffee
Stage 6
The freshly roasted beans are then quality checked and packed in recyclable bags ready for delivery.